Hey engineers!
I'm quite frustrated.
After changing and duplicating server-locations of nal-sources in order
to give some speed, security and reachability to our tons of
nal-applications I must experience that fault tolerance and load
balancing does not work with user-related Applications.
Patriculary the following does not funktion:
- changing the "%SOURCE_PATH%" to the right one, when application
launcher decides to change the source-server concerning fault- or
balancing behavior.

YES, I know, that it is fixed in Hotpatch6, containing a new agent. But
recently we updated all our workstations (approx. 600) with a new
system, containing the agent version

My Question:
Is there any thing to fix fault tolerance without installing the
Hotpatch6-agent? Is there a way to just copy one special file to the

I would be happy, if I could avoid an installation of the
hotpatch6-agent on so many workstations.