About a week ago, we rolled out ZDM 7 Hot Patch 6 in our student lab
(to be more precise, we replaced the existing ZDM Agent from Hot
Patch 5 with the one from HP 6.

One of our uses of Zenworks is to deliver desktop icons pointing to
locally installed applications such as Word, Excel, etc.

After the upgrade, we observed the following:

- on the Zen-delivered desktop icons, instead of seeing the small red
arrow denoting that it is a Zen delivered icon, we are sometimes
seeing a pair of thin blue arrows on the icon. A curious cosmetic
issue we couldn't find reference to, but not a problem unless related
to the second item, which is:

- more significantly, when students double-click on the Zen-delivered
icons to start an application, nothing happens. No error; no
applications. Unfortunately, this behavior is not consistent -
sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't

To try to quell student unrest, we've back-revved the ZDM Agent on a
number of computers to HP 5 and will be observing the results. So
far, we observe that we consistently see only the red arrow on the
icons on the desktops of the machines with the HP 5 agent.

Delivery of the icons is by association with a group ("Students")
rather than individual users or computers. We're also upgraded to
Client 4.91 SP4 under Windows XP, if that matters.

Anyone seeing something similar? Any thoughts on troubleshooting? If
worse comes to worse and the back-rev works on our test machines, we
can complete the move back to the Hot Patch 5 agent. And if we ever
get time to breathe, we can look at Zenworks 10 Configuration Manager
moving forward - but that's not a short-term solution.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.