Hi all,

We have two MSI's.
One is version 4.05.0003, the other is 4.05.0004.
The 0004 version has a Major upgrade for any previous versions with a common
upgrade code.

If I launch the 0003 install by way of MSI (not through NAL), then launch the
0004 install through the same method, the UNINSTALL of 0003 works fine before
the new install (as a major upgrade should) and 0004 is the only version left
on the system.
***Basically when launching directly from the MSIs, everything works as it

However, if I try to launch 0004 install by way of a NAL (with 0003 already on
the system) the UNINSTALL is NOT PERFORMED and we are left with both 0003 and
0004 on the system.

Does anyone know why it is not uninstalled when the MSI is called from NAL?

Zenworks 701 (SP1).
There are no special NAL properties, the NAL points to the correct MSI and is
associated with my own account for testing.
No other NAL settings have been modified.