Our latest XP build went out to a few hundred machines with an errant Java JRE
1.5.0-11 installation (one of the MSI properties used causes the browser plugins
to fail to register). I want to reinstall it with the proper properties, so I
have updated the app's MSI properties, increased the version number, but when it
installs, it complains that the JRE is already installed (in an MSI log file).

Is there any MSI properties, or other tricks, that would get the app to force a

I have also tried using "@msiexec.exe /qn /x {GUID}" in a pre-distribution
script, but this has not helped: I still get the 'this version of the JRE is
already installed' error. I am not sure, but I don't think the uninstall is
completing before the install begins.

I have also tried a separate dependent app to uninstall it first, but this
failed too, perhaps also because of the timing.

Are there any MSI tricks to get it to just reinstall, despite being at the same
version, or should I focus on either the pre-dist script or chained app?