Hi group,

I'm looking at upgrading our Zen 3.2 based application managment to Zen 7, I
have installed Zen 7 on a test server amd have setup a couple of test
workstations which all seems to be working correctly. I have even managed to
get application deliever to work with non-admin users which i could never
make work properly in Zen 3.2.

However I have a question regarding the paths to the application install
objects for non-admin users, in Zen 3.2 I remember reading that these would
only work if the object used UNC rather than mapped drives for the paths, is
this still the case, I have just tried this with an MS visio msi install and
it seems to work with a mapped drive, however this may be one of those
situations where it will sometimes work with the drive but always with UNC.