Hello all,

I am kinda stumped on how to do this. First, Netware OES 6.5 sp6 Zen 7.0.1 sp1 hp6 ENGL 4.0 sp1.

I am imaging computer via ENGL. I have create Unattended setups of AutoDesk Design academy for all 7 packages. The package is a setup.exe wrapper for a bunch of MSI files. Actually setup.exe launches msiexec and the various msi files under it.

With these 7 packages, they each call a setup.exe and an .ini file that goes through and checks for all of the install components. I have these forced installed to workstation group objects, wait on force run, and have the order set appropriate determine force run order of the products.

So, here is my dilemma. If I just let these packages try to install, I get the errors that an MSI is installing and can not launch another MSI install. In other words, the Setup.exe runs, stops, and starts the msiexec process but the app launcher things that it has finished and goes onto the next app, causing it to fail.

If I put "msiexec" in the Monitor Module Name, the app launcher never goes to the next application as for some reason MSIEXEC remains loaded all during the build process. So the only way to move onto the next install is to manually kill the msiexec process after the product is completely installed.

What actually can go into the Monitor Module name? Is it simply a process that is in the Task Manager processes?

I have tried to do the "Check to see if XYZ file exists" but if it launches before the other install has finished, the file doesn't exist and doesn't launch. Many of the installs are dependant on the other apps to be installed, although I have not chained them that way. Is chaining a super long chain the answer?