I am trying to install Photoshop CS2 to a set of laptops that are
restricted. I am placing the user on the laptop as a power user only and
then also deploying Rogue Process Management to prevent the end user from
installing anything with a setup.exe or even msiexec. I ran into a problem
with the Photoshop CS2 install were I repeatedly get a 1603 error when
trying to deploy via NAL. I have tried all three environmental options
(Normal, Secure system user, and Unsecure system user) and none seem to
move past the error.
I can deploy the app using my login (administrator on the local laptop)
and use the msiexec /i <MSI Path> /qn /L*v photoshopcs2.log command and it
deploys like it should. I do get the same error 1603 when I double click
on the NAL icon.
Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong? I have both the Photoshop CS
and InDesign CS programs deploying to end users just fine. Seems like it
is something I have done to Photoshop CS2.