We are using an OES SLES SP2, Zenworks 7.01 HP6 installation and trying to deploy workstation based applications to newly imaged workstations.

The applications are assigned to the workstation container.
They are set to:

Forced Run
Wait on Forced Run
Determine force run order
Run Applicaiton Once
Distribute in Workstation System Space if Workstation associated

The local server contains a MASTER replica of the local site partition, which contains all the application objects, the workstation objects, server objects and zenworks configuration (policy's, etc).

The local server contains a RW replica of the 'users' container.

The local server contains a RW replica of the security partition.

The workstation container has RF rights to all the applications file directories.

Normally this all works 'tickety boo', except in the situation when the site becomes disconnected from root.

When disconnected from the main site, where root is held, then the workstation images just fine, but the applications do not distribute to the workstation.

The applications do not get distributed to the workstation after a user successfully logs in.

Also, the user login takes about 10 minutes, when the site is disconnected from root.

We have checked and double checked, and there do not seem to be any resources which the workstation or user requires, which are elsewhere in the tree on an 'unavailable' partition.

Naldiag shows that the workstation helper is not connected.

Within a very short time of the remote site being reconnected to the site containing 'root', then all the applications get installed and appear in the NAL Window.

Is there something we are missing ?

There seems to be no way to distribute applications to workstations unless there is a connection through to the root partition.

Any suggestions ?