Has anyone had any success with PXE and DHCP on the same OES Linux server.

I have just installed ZDM 7 on OES, modified novell-pdhcp.conf to indicate
DHCP & PXE are on same server.
I am seeing the clients request an IP via DHCP in /var/log/messages but
/var/log/novell/novell-proxydhcp.log is showing no requests.
a netstat -a shows
udp 0 0 255.255.:altserviceboot *:*
udp 0 0 DNS_NAME:altserviceboot *:*
udp 0 0 *:bootps *:*
udp 0 0 *:bootps *:*

Is there a similar option 60 "PXEClient" I have to set for Linux like I
would for Netware?