Hi all,

I have a question with regards to making bootable CDs using the images I
have already created on my imaging server.

Okay here it is I have a my base windows 2000 images (base.zmg) located on
my Imaging server. I also have add on images (adobe.zmg) that were created
via a NAL object (on the common tab within Console One).

What I am trying to do is create a bootable CD with both the base and add
on images so that I can get my disconnected PCs to a state where they look
like production without being on the network. Then I can just add register
the PC in my tree and be done with it.

I just cannot find the process for doing this. Do I create one large image
and then spilt the image on to multiple cds? Or do I specify a base image
with an add on image (via NAL Cache directory)?

Sorry if I sound like a newbie. It is because I am.