think I need help, have a Windows XP SP2 box (within VMware 5.5.1) which I PXE against my NW6.5 SP4 with ZDM7 going into maintenance (Ctrl + Alt) mode and it works just fine, as it supposed to do.
Do the same against a OES Linux (2.6.5-7.147) with ZDM7 and the workstationgets stuck with the message showing up after a while "Could not find the ZENworks Installation Source". If I acknowledge this message the Linuxrc v1.6 (Kernel 2.6.5-7.191-default) setup menu (is it yast?) shows up. I can configure the system, and reboot or shutdown but PXE is not working the way it should. It looks like some thing is missing in those files on OES Linux under the folder tftp and boot: z_maint.cfg, initrd, linux, root, settings.txt

Tried to copy the files from NetWare to OES Linux but didn't make a difference. I know there was an VMware issue reguarding DINIC.SYS, but on my OES Linux there is no dinic.sys file? What to do, has any one a clue?

Thanks in advance
Bernd Schaechtele