Hello everybody!

A long time ago, I developed a method to customize the boot floppy
imaging solution for ZEN 3. Well, with the release of ZEN7 I've finally
found a way to do the same thing using the bootcd.iso file, and I've
documented my procedures.

This might be a little too advanced for the non-linux-loving crowd, but
I've found the results to be very satisfying as we now have our
customizable menu-driven build environment with ZEN7 just like we did with
ZEN3. The main purpose for this, was we felt a little restricted and
limited with the default build.iso file...meaning, no wget command....no
automated method for updating drivers....etc. So we just made our own CD.

Check it out:

If you have any questions or comments let me know....I don't check the
forums as much as I should, so if you don't hear back from me....feel free
to drop me an email.