First of all, I did not attend any course yet of ZFD7 and the last
course I attenden was zfd3. Please do not tell me to attend a ZFD7
course, tell my boss :). At the moment I would be happy if someone told
that what I want to do is do-able. Any further explanation would be

I work in a school environment, and we are experimenting with SBC. We
installed some thin clients, but we also have older machines which we
want to use as thin client. So we try to boot them with
thinstation.nbi.zpxe, which will boot with thinstation.nbi using
etherboot. However, it sems that ZFD7 is integrated with DINIC.SYS in
such a way that that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to use
another PXE client. Can DINIC.SYS be adjusted to use a networkbootimage?
Is there a way to tell the server that it should give the workstation
another client? When I rename DINIC.SYS to thinclient.nbi.zpxe etherboot
will start, but will not continue since it can not find other files it
My other question is about de DINIC.SYS boot editor. I understood that
it is not a part of ZFD7. We run ZFD7 on a netware server. However when
I look at the files at the installation cd I do see references in a
start menu path (Windows). Is it a part of the windows installation?
I do have a problem I'm afraid since it has to be lowcost and we also
want to use ZEN imaging besides the thinclient boot sequence. So we
would have an environment of SBC thinclients, SBC "fat"thinclients and
regular clients.
We do not have VLAN's yet. I could use multiple TFTP servers maybe, but
even then I should implement some tools for the workstations to make use
of the right TFTP server...
Thanks in advance.