I am trying to image a Dell PE2850 server in manual mode.
2 partitions - 1-st is the Dell utility partition, second is the OS
(W2k3-NTFS) partition. No problems with OS partition but...
After deploying DU partition it does not boot (F10 bios) although, it is
reported as "success" by ZEN.
I can't even mount it using ZEN Linux kernel after image is placed and
system is rebooted.
If I use Knoppix I can see the contents of this partition along with a lot
of garbage files in the root (something like ???????.??? .////).
The original one mounts good, but img sees it as FAT16 (type 6)oposed to
FDISK reporting it as being DE - Dell Utility type partition. I tried to
change types with fdisk - no luck.
It looks like there is a problem with the file system type?
MS ADS has a problem acquiring the image of this partition too.

Anyone had a success imaging Dell diag partitions? Thx.