We have succesfully created a ZEN Boot Imaging partition and stored
the image file on the root of this partition.
Booting the DVD and restoring the imagefile from DVD works fine.

However, we are unable to find out how to automatically restore
this image file to a second partition when booting from the harddisk.
This restore should be fired off at the moment that we boot
the PC with the Boot menu (option Imaging)

In the settings.txt file on the harddisk, we changed the IMGCMD
line, but no success yet.

We have created a script to restore, wich works fine, if we boot from CD
or start it manually.

However, changing the IMGCMD variable does not allow us to
mount the harddisk and run the script subsequently.

Someone has done this before ?
Are we missing something obvious ?

Thanks for any helpfull tip.