I am configuring an automated imaging procedure using a scripted image.

As part of this process I need to search a text file to match the
workstations mac address against its assigned name.

I would rather not put this text file into the PXE linux environment, as
updating it will be difficult, and it could be overwritten by service packs

Instead I would like to put the file on a samba share and mount the share.

So I have put the following commands into a scripted image:

mkdir /image
mount - t smbfs -o username=zmg,password=zmg // /image

This returns the error:

mount - invalid number of arguments

And the mount fails.

However, if I place the command into a bash script, and run this manually
from the imaging maintenance prompt, the command succeeds.

Any idea whats going wrong?

Or any other ideas how I can get a file from a remote server, without having
to modify the PXE linux image?