Hi all,

I've been trying in vein this morning to try and get the Zenworks CD to
mount an NFS share. My first line of action was to add an fstab file to
the /etc directory firstly via initrd and then via addfiles. It seems on
both occasions that it picked up the file as it complained that there
wasn't a blank line after the string. I altered that and now it does
nothing. I even added a floppy disk mount in for good measure, which it
ignores also.

What makes it stranger is that I can mount the NFS share from the bash
prompt quite happily with no complaints and can read its contents.

The string I placed in the fstab file is:

ipaddress:/home/neil/Documents/scripts /mnt/net nfs

ipaddress is obviously an IP address(!!) which I also used when mounting
via the command line:

mount -t nfs ipaddress:/home/neil/Documents/scripts /mnt/net

Any help would be appreciated.