hi all,

I see a funny issue when imaging those fancy new hp compaq nc4400 notebooks that does not show on other machines so far: restoring (a sysprep'ed winxp) image (taken on a different notebook model) with "img rp server //server/path/to.zmg" works just fine. Windows boots up, mini setup runs, perfect!

When I do the following instead the machine won't boot at all, not even an error message shows. only an underscore prompt in the corner of the screen:

img pd1
img pd2
img pd3
img pd4
img pc1 NTFS 18000
img pa1
img pc2 NTFS
img rp server //server/path/to.zmg a1:p1 a2:p2

Basically this should end up with the same disk configuration as above and "img dg" reports both partitions to be set up correctly. But further investigation shows that the disk geometry seems to be different now. "fdisk -l /dev/sda" shows 240/63/10337 (heads/sectors/cylinders) in case windows boots successfully, but is 255/63/9727 now. I reproduced this step by step and found the geometry changing as soon as the last existing partition is deleted with an "img pd" command line.

Any ideas how and why the imaging engine does this? Is this a bug in the engine or a hardware/BIOS problem? Anynoe else seen this before?

Thanks, Lothar