This thing drives me crazy.

What we have:

1 NW 6.5 Box (Fresh install from OES SP2 media, so SP5 is included. No
additional patches.)
1 OES SP2 Linux Box (Fresh install, no additional patches.)

The Netware box hosts the DNS/DHCP services. The Linux box hosts the
imaging part of ZfD7 SP1.

DNS is up. DHCP is up (no additional options configured. Especially not
60,66,67 because ProxyDHCP should do the trick).
Novell_TFTP and Novell_ProxyDHCP are up and running.

OK, let's start a PXE-client.
Oh!? PXE-E53: No boot filename received.
Fine. Let's have a look at the ProxyDHCP log:
DHCP_OFFER failed to send to 101:Network is unreachable.
Not good.

Anyone any idea?

Next one:
I configured Netware DHCP to hand out option 66 and 67. Restarted
dhcpsrvr, found my Ethereal and kicked the PXE-client.
It comes up and tells me something about TFTP timeout.
The trace shows that dhcpsrvr handed out both options but my PXE tried
to get the boot file from my Netware box.
I'm definitely in the wrong movie.
Last resort: activate Subnet options\Set Boot Parameter Options
PXE comes up with a big grin, asking where's the problem.

What the hell is going on here? Or better: what am I doing wrong?

If anybody has some insight for me - please, don't let me die dense.

Thank you and best regards
Peter Kampermann