We are experiencing the problem that the ncp connections arent closing
when using PXE & Imaging on Linux.
When a PXE client connects to a ZFDSP1 Linux server (no replica), the
server connects to another server with a replica from the workstation
object or preboot policy object but doesn't release the connection.

The connections keep growing until it reaches about a thousand
connections. (in about 3 hours) After that the nds preboot policy hangs
or the nds cores.

Does anyone experience this problem? We have this problem on all our 4
PXE/TFTP servers. We opened a SR but no response yet. Until there is a
solution, we have to restart our NDSD every 3 hours including the
Novell-zmgserv an Novell-zmgprebootpolicy, which is not very pleasant
due to placing and making images during the restarts (which will fail).

Any tips, tricks or suggestions how to close the open connections or any
other idears are very welcome.

The servers (linux OESSP2)in question are HP G4's with 4GB memmory,they
do not have replica's and are dedicated to tftp and imaging.