Hi there,

My problem is: Customer complains that the rollout of Windows XP doesn't
work because ZENworks has problems with the hardware of the client PCs.

As far as I understand in this process the customer is downloading an
image from the server that runs the ZEN kernel and some imaging software
that should then push the XP image on the hard disk.

I would like to *reproduce* that problem in my test laboratory. I can
setup a SELS10 (or even SLES9) server, but then I get crazy because
ZENworks seems to be a big monster that requires additional software like
Novell eDirectory and whatever pieces of software I don't know.

So I wonder if there is an easy to understand HowTo that describes how
I can setup an ZEnworks imaging infrastructure that does only that thing:
- I want to have an isolated server machine that offers DHCP, PXE, TFTP
or whatever is needed to run ZENworks imaging
- I just want to connect a client machine via a crosslink cable to see
what really happens when PXE is getting the image from the server
- I *don't* need additional features of ZENworks desktop management, no
inventory functions, no patch management nothing. Just plain imaging
to reproduce and analyze the customer problems.

Can I setup such an environment easily using the eval downloads from
Novell or do I need to buy something? If I need to buy licenses, then
what is the minimum required to buy?

ZENworks is not the primary battlefield for my company, but we're losing
business because of those hardware problems. So we have to do something
to solve those problems and the first step for problem solution is always
the reproduction of the problem.

On the other hand, if someone knows firms that do ZENworks support for
money, any hints are welcome.

Best regards