Has anyone installed linux management on suse 10. When I run the zlm-
install script it says that I don't have a valid zenworks server distro.
I can modify the install script to get around this. However I might run
into problem further into the install. So I was wondering if anyone has
tried this?

I saw a posting from another user that would like to setup zenworks for
imaging only. I'm trying to do the same on suse 10. I have installed PXE
and imaging services, consoleone, and imanager. However I couldn't figure
out how to manage custom scripts and addons. I can see that there is an
initial network boot strap that runs to check for jobs which will in turn
run pxelinux.0. My guess is that I need to install linux management to
run these custom jobs. Was just wondering if linux management was the
only way to do this or is there another utility.