We're having some serious issues that are stopping us from using ZEN
Imaging in production and I'm hoping someone may be able to suggest a
course of action.

Our initial attempts were quite successful in that we were only creating a
single primary partition and all was good. However, one of our
requirements is to produce a notebook image with at least two primary
partitions on them, all of them bootable. The plan is to place the
syspreped XP image on to the second primary partition and allow it to build
itself prior to processing what we're putting on the first partition (to
simplify this we're using the exact same image on both partitions).

The issue is that if we create two 8 GB partitions as NTFS (and have tried
fat32 images also) and set the second partition active, it boots and builds
itself with no problems. When we try to use 10 GB partitions, the active
partition being the second one, fails to boot and produces the error
"Missing Operating System". If we change the active flag to the first, it
builds OK.

Has anyone come across this before, does anyone have any suggestions on how
to proceed?