Here's my situation:

I have Zen 6.5 installed on a server running Netware OES SP2. I want upgrade
to Zen 7, and put it on new hardware (since the old external scsi array with
software raid is getting it's butt kicked) and on Linux OES SP2.

I don't think there will be a problem with any services, except the
PXE/pDHCP service. Can I run 2 PXE servers on the same subnet? (mind you
they will both be doing the same thing... Zen imaging). If not, should I
just install Zen 7 on the Linux server and disable PXE until I'm ready to
remove the 6.5 server from the network?

Also, are there problems with having Zen 6.5 on one server and 7.0 on
another? (Can't imagine they would not use the same NDS objects).

Thanks in advance