OK. here's a nice goofy one for ya.
I was running Zen 6.5SP2 on NW 6.5 OES SP2 and all was well. (or relatively
at least). I recently upgraded hardware, and decided to move to Zen 7 on
Linux OES SP2. I finished moving everything, and last night I took down the
PXE service from the NetWare server and enabled it on the Linux server.

Now I get some workstations that hang during the PXE boot at "Sending Query
to <IP>".

The interesting part about it is that the PC that is having trouble booting
is the exact same model as mine. (Whiteboxes from a local manufacturer). The
motherboards (with onboard NIC) are the exact same model and BIOS (Intel
D865GLC with BIOS 86A.0069.P21)

The only difference I can find is a minor revision number difference in the
Intel PXE code. The working PCs are using 4.1.10 and the NON working one is
using 4.1.16. Thats right, the newer one doesn't work...
Could this possibly be the problem? would this be part of the BIOS or the
NIC firmware?