Hello, I am Trying to Image a new Dell Dimension E521..it has a SATA
CDROM drive, so Zenworks Imaging 6.5 or 7 cannot recognize or mount the
CD-ROM drive. Has anyone had any luck imaging this machine, or is there
an updated Engine ISO. I really need to get these machines up and

If there is one complaint I have, I wish Novell would update thier boot
disk more, with the newest drivers. I know they leave it to the consumer
to do, but I don;t think that, that is an acceptable practice these
days. I am a hardcore linux user, but I don;t want to update my disk
everytime a new system comes up, Novell needs to do updates to this
engine on a regular basis, espcilly since we are paying for this
product. I love the product, and that is my only complaint, and it needs
to be remedied.