Hi there, I have an image for a dell Dimension 4500 I made. I have usedf
the image before and know it works. When I restore the image to the my
Dell Dimension 4500, and set my parition active to boot, the dimension
4500 does not boot at all. I laid the image down serveral times. So to
recap my steps:

1. img pd1
2. img pc1 ntfs
3. img pa1
4. img rp 192.168.xxx.xxx //192.168.xxx.xxx/zenapp/images/myimage.zmg

On reboot, the computer does not start to load windows. The HDD is being
detected properly in the bios, and everything look good from that front.
The imnage does get restored successfully. Any Ideas as to what I am

PS - This is a rgular IDE Hard disk.

Thanks in Advance.