I am testing workstation and server imaging and cannot get PXE boot to
find work for auto imaging. The server policy package is set to drop an
image on the mac adress of the computer i am testing for this occasion.

Everytime i try to boot off from PXE it gets an IP and after pressing
ctrl + alt it says that Zenworks is shutting down and then quits

Here is the output state:

client mac addr xx:xx:xx:xx:xx guid:xxxxxx-xxx-xx-xxxx
client ip: Mask:
dhcp ip: xx.xx.x.xxx proxy ip: xx.x.x.xxx
gateway ip:xx.x.x.x

auto select:
zenworks boot

boot server ip: xx.x.x.xxx
zenworks networks management preworkx (pty) ltd
local ip: xx.xx.xx.xx
transaction server ip: xx.xx.xx.xxx
gateway ip:xx.xx.xx.xx
Action: local boot
Zenworks shutting down

Any idea to what to do?
Because right now im little bit clueless and all advices is welcome