Following the driverupdate setup instructions for Zen7, I recently applied
it to our latest imaging CD. The hope was that it would resolve a recent
issue with HP DC7700's. In a round about way it did (I kinda fudged it but
it works). However, since applying the patch I've found that the disc no
longer works with our older hardware which share the same network card as
the DC7700. The nic runs of the e1000 driver.

My solution is to engineer a CD which runs off different initrd's depending
on which hardware you are on. On the bootloader I direct 2 options to
/sp1/staff/boot/loader/initrd and /sp1/student/boot/loader/initrd which have
patch 1 and 2 options to /zencdold/staff/boot/loader/initrd and
/zencdold/student/boot/loader/initrd which don't use patch 1. Now according
to the setup instructions, the driverupdate file should sit in the boot
folder which for example would be /sp1/staff/boot; but this doesnt seem to
work. The only way I can get disc to see driverupdate if it is placed on the
root of the CD but by doing this, the initrd in zencdold picks up
driverupdate too which is what I don't want to happen. I only want the
sp1/.. initrd's to see it.

I've looked around the various files but cannot see at which point the CD
looks for the driverupdate file and acts on it if it finds it.

Can anyone offer any ideas on this?