I work for a medium sized University, which has been in transition from
AD to Zenworks for quite some time. We have multiple imaging servers,
lots of different configurations, and to many of our IT staff, its all
still a little confusing. To remedy this, we developed a bash script
that choses the right imaging server, and allows two methods to go
about imaging the machine: simple and advanced. The Simple method uses
just default values which we have exported as environment variables in
the settings.txt file. The advanced method gives the user full
control, which server, do the want to multicast, etc but still forces
them to use our enterprise standards.

I am looking for a way to add this bash script to the initrd, so that
it runs automatically. I looked at just calling it, for the "Automatic
Mode" option (IMGCMD), but when we apply the zen partition, the
partition wants to use this bash file, and we don't want that.

So I started looking at placing the script in /etc/init.d, and creating
the necessary symbolic link to the proper runlevel dirctory (3 or 5, I
don't know), but when I mount the initrd, the runlevel directories are
not there. They only seem to be there when I am actually booted from
the CD (/etc/init.d/). Its not really a big issue, training everyone
to type in "menu" to get things going, I just want a cleaner look.

Any ideas would be appreciated ;)