I am looking at using more Macs on the network here and so far can not see
Zenworks as an imaging solution for those. I have ZDM working for Windows
machines just fine ( PXE and all ).

Now, I am wondering if I put Windows ( XP, Vista - whatever ) on new Macs
will I be any closer to getting the job done ? Forget OSX for the moment (
although that would be great if ZDM could do that ! ), would it work at
all - Zenworks imaging for Windows only on Macs ?

And what about PXE boot for Macs .. is there such thing at all ? something
called .. netboot ? I believe I could not get Zenworks PXE to handle both
Macs and Windows.

Does Novell have any plans in regards of Apple Macs at all ? Otherwise I
might have to look at solutions from Apple for desktop management that
probably can not be integrated with any Novell products at all.