I've just finished to install Zenworks 7 SP1 on an OES Linux server.
Everything seems installed, after installation it was writed in command
line that all the zen services was started.

We have an old server Novell 6.0 with zen7 on it, there is a PXE working on
it so techs boots the stations and restore/make images by theis pxe. Now,
I want to make my PXE on the new linux server operationnal. I want that
specific server respond to PXE requests of the machines, but how? if all
services are started, what is the next steps in the installation process?
do I have to start something manually? I'm new to OES Linux.

Also, is there a bootcd.iso on this new installation of linux or I have to
take the same iso file as a netware server?

thank you for your support...