Please excuse my utter stupidity:

I work at a medium sized university and we have been moving from active
directory to zenworks for a little over 2 years now. When the project
started, the zen team was using just the base bootcd.iso. When our team
was brought in on the project a few months ago we redesigned the CD and
added a bunch of custom scripts. This all works great, but now we are
considering the move to PXE. Novell seems to be promoting some 3rd
party software suite for setting up PXE called Preworx, which I have no
intention to purchase. Since the bootcd is based on isolinux/syslinux,
it seems that the logical choice here is just to use pxelinux to handle

For testing, I am running this on a test box, which will not have
access to the zen servers until the testing phase is complete. I set
up a tftp/dhcp server (open source, its the one recommended in
pxelinux.doc). When a machine boots, it seems to connect properly, but
it always ends up on the first menu of the linuxrc program that the
kernel launches. If I step through linuxrc, and tell it to connect to
the tftp server again, then it works. It does not seem to be running
zenworks.s as noted in the linuxrc.config file.

I have been doing a lot of reading on these forums, as well as in some
other places, and I am a little lost here. For example, where does the
root file come from? I can find no documentation on this. I would be
happy to build it myself, but there seems to be no documentation on
what its contents are. Secondly, the bootcd seems to rely on
settings.txt, but if I want to use a settings.txt with PXE, I am going
to have to download it. How can I download this file (How can I
connect to an nfs share inside the PXE environment)? And finally, how
do the options in default (the pxelinux config file in the pxelinux.cfg
folder) get selected when message.txt is on the screen? The options do
not match up?

I appreciate any help you can provide.

- Josh Kelahan