To explain my situation... I downloaded a ZENImaging bootcd.iso from that utilizes the kernel. Then my company
wanted me to test the HP DC5700 (-wonderful PC... yep.-). It was
unable to load the tg3.ko driver and acquire an IP address through
DHCP. I figured "Oh.. I'll just throw the kernel on this
SLED10 VM and compile the driver."

I finally got the kernel source downloaded from, grabbed the .config
file from, compiled the kernel and installed it. After
ensuring that I was on the correct kernel version, I compiled the
driver following its instructions.

After I compiled the driver and added it into the initrd, I re-created
the bootcd.iso . When I used modprobe to load "tg3" it told me:
"Invalid module format". Unfortunately I've been unable to get any
further since this is my first time actually compiling a kernel module
for linux, and I'm not quite sure where I'm going wrong. I know this
is a rather tough one, but does anyone have any ideas? :)