Recently I have applied the HP5 on my linux server in the goal to correct
some Zen pxe problem.

Before upgrading to HP5, my pxe environment worked in a bash script menu
that using the DIALOG linux command. This way, the technicians could
select workstation image without typing the name on the prompt. Now,
after upgrade, the DIALOG doesn't work anymore because it's not the same

Before, it was the kernel 2.6.5-7.244 12 dec 2005 and it's the same as my
Zen server. With the HP5 installed, the pxe is on kernel
19 sept 2006.

Now, I don't have a menu anymore, all techs must type the zen imaging

How can I obtained a new version of DIALOG adapted for the new Kernel?
I'm not a Linux expert, but probably I will have to get this command from
a station that I will need to upgrade the Kernel? This command, I have
taked it from my zen server, can I upgrade the Kernel of this server
easily ?