I am trying to test Xen virtualization for desktop SOE development - rather
proof of concept at this stage than anything else. We have been running
virtualized Windows servers on XEN / SLES10SP1 quite successfully so I
thought I would give Win XP a go, too.

This is where our ZDM7.5 comes in. I thought I would create a VM to PXE boot
from our Zen server then upload our standard desktop image to see what I can
and can not do with the VM ( as oppose to running it on a real hardware ). I
couldn't do a PXE boot as Xen "virtual NIC's" do not seem to support PXE but
that is another story.

Now, to the problem ( thanks for bearing with me ). I tried booting from a
bootable ZDM75HP4 ISO ( mounted it as a CDROM for my VM ) and it worked (
apart from not getting an IP address via DHCP ) .. until I tried running
'img' from bash ( went with the 'manual' option at the startup ). It starts
loading, blue screen appears and then it quits back to bash with
'segmentation fault' error.

I am wondering if anyone has tried ( or is going to ) doing what I am
doing - using ZDM on virtual machines. I had ZDM running on SLES9 on VMware
a while ago and it worked Ok, imaging worked off it for the "real" clients
on the network but I have never tried running a desktop OS virtualized let
alone with Zenworks imaging on it.