Hello there.

We have run into a problem where one of the models in our laptop fleet
crashes when PCMCIA gets initialised during the bootup stage of the
Zenworks 7 imaging boot CD.

The documentation suggests using the boot option 'manual PCMCIA=NO' in
the boot loader. Passing this option however, has no effect on the
loading of the PCMCIA hardware detection.

I have tried putting it in as 'manual PCMCIA=NO' as well as 'PCMCIA=NO'
in caps and lowercase. Also, I have tried disabling USB using the same
method to see if it is an issue unique to PCMCIA support. As it turns
out, USB hardware detection also cannot be disabled this way.

I'm quite familiar with Linux, but the boot CD diverges rather
drastically from a normal server or desktop install, so my normal avenues
are not easily accessible. (altering startup scripts to skip PCMCIA, for

Does anyone have any suggestions on this?