Imade a basic bootcd from the default master by adding a settings file.
It worked fine on both a Dell280 and a Gateway E4100 with integrated
e1000 NIC's. When I went to do a Gateway E3400 with a 3c905-TX card, the
program ran very slowly (400,000 KB in 44 minutes.) I reset the swtich
to 100FD from 100Auto, and I made an 2GB image in 15 minutes. After the
original, I wanted to make some changes to the pc and produce a
new 'master' image. Now, I cannot connect at all. I consistantly get
a "DHCP Configuration failed" message.

Do I need to add 3c905 NIC support. If so, where?

Can I use WINISO to edit the BOOTCD. What do I edit?

WHere do I obtain a 3c905 driver?

I've read the Administrative Guide (Chapter55) several times, it does not
begin to tell how to modify the BOOTCD, where is that information found?