Our school is testing out zenworks 7 Imaging. I have found that the new
boot loader based on suse 9.x resolves an issues we had with any gigabit-
able computers talking to our cisco switches. Previously the DHCP request
timed out whenever such a computer was directly connected to the switch.
Our temporary solution was to put a small linksys switch between the
workstation and the cisco switch when we needed to image. With the new
boot-loader they do get an IP eventually.

I have run into many problems with the new cd however.
First off, anything I place in the addfiles folder apparently is present
when booting from the cd, but does not make its way into the installed
boot loader.
We have a modification which determines the PROXYADDR environment variable
based on the IP address handed out to the workstation, so it contacts the
imaging server appropriate to the school it's in. If we move a pc to
another school, we would like the script to be present to re-detect the
correct imaging server.
Thanks to the vga=0x??? line in the lilo configuration, there is a 30
second wait on many pcs where the mode is invalid. I would like to change
all instances of util.s in order to change/remove this line.
These scripts work when booting from the cd, but I'm not sure how to get
them to exist on the installed boot loader.

There is another modification which would prompt for a workstation name to
put in the image-safe data if there wasn't one already, so that new
workstations can be named before they are imaged as part of the boot-
loader install process.
This does not need to be present on the boot loader, but because of the
new zisview, I don't see a practical way to do this. Before, the script
would check the name in the image safe data like so:
$ZISNAME=`zisview Name`
Now, zisview doesn't simply echo the name, it sends a few lines of
copyright info with it. Any suggestions?