I'm using ZENWorks 7 and trying out imaging. It was working fine for a
while, then I made some changes to the image (WindowsXP image) and dumped
it again. Now, when it gets to 'Restoring: $Secure' the Imaging Engine
quits with a Segmentation fault.

I've done a 'check disk' in Windows. Comes out fine. I restored a good
image from Symantec Ghost, dumped it to ZENWorks, and when I try to
restore from ZENWorks, same Segmentation fault.

I've deleted partitions, and created them again before restoring, but
still same problem.

I've seen posts asking a similar question, but haven't found any
solution. After the segmentation fault, I type 'echo $?' at the prompt
and get '139' back. Any ideas?