This sounds like your using PXE, we are not. We have a boot partition on the PC's Hard disk.
We seem to be getting a ram disk loaded (from the boot partition) with the information when we start up.
I don't seem to have the sys:\tftp\boot directory either (on server or Zenpartition) ......
(If there is documentation on the Zen7 boot cd/Zenpartition as far as usage, changes, settings,
I'm more that willing to dig into this there, I just have found it in the Zen7 manuals so far......
I have found the section on commands, just not one that seems to work with saving changes)
Do I need to use the Boot cd to change the settings.txt file by upgrading or reinstalling?

>>> Charlie Silverman<> 10/10/05 5:04 PM >>>

The SETTINGS.TXT file has been removed from the image and loads dynamically
at boot time. This is quite helpful as we had some additional loads that we
were doing by modifying the image which always ended up being a hassle when
a new patch came out.

The file can now be found in SYS:\TFTP\BOOT

>>>Hi all,

We are switching from Zen4 to Zen 7, and starting to do testing. When we setup a pc initially,
we have a test IP assigned to it. then when we go to deploy it to one of the other buildings
on campus, We need to change the IP address to one that is on that subnet. However,
the changes that we are making to settings.txt are not staying when we reboot the pc.
With Zen4, the settings.txt was located in /sbin.... now it isn't. I'm finding it in the root.
I'm guessing that this is a copy, and not the actual file I need to be updating.....
Would one of you please point me in the right direction....
Thanks in advance,
Mark Waters
Michigan State