OK, so I'm trying to set up PXE for the first time ever. this is also the
first time i've played with anything PXE related, so bear with me.

this is a carryover from a problem i've posted about on the imaging:
drivers forum. I'm trying to image 5 Inspiron 6000 laptops with an image I
built long ago on 6.5 For whatever reason, the zen7 boot cd does not
detect the hard drive. I was asked to try using PXE. I didn't have PXE
set up so I didn't know.

So I'm trying to set up PXE. I boot up the laptop via PXE. I had my boss
set up DHCP so that it gives me a pre-determined based on the MAC address.
After that I get message "Auto-Select: Zenworks boot. then it starts up
the Zenworks Network Management and Security v5.6 r1 build 118 and then
rattles off our various network statistics. local IP, subnet, boot server,
transaction server. all of which seems to be correct. for a brief second,
there is a little blue band that appears at the top of the screen saying
something about backoff and resending and a bunch of numbers..but I don't
get to see all of it cuz it goes away quick. Immediately after this, it
then says Zenworks shutting down and then errors out since the HD has no
partitions on it and nothing to boot off of.

I have a imaging server policy set up. the only rule I have is to check
the ip address for the address I set previously via DHCP...if so, give it
that image I made earlier.

at one point, I tinkered with the pdhcp.ini file to modify the menu timeout
settings. and the next time I attempted to boot, the menu changed
appropriately. so at the very least. I know the workstation got that far.
Other than that. I don't know where to look to see what went wrong.
there is no specific message telling me what is going on. I don't know if
its failing to read in the policy settings so that it doesn't think it
needs to do any work and therefore shuts down. or if its bombing out
trying to download the imaging engine..

can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.