With Zen 7, there a requirement to update the ziswin.exe in your existing
images with the version in Zen7. You'll do this either by modifying the
image with ImgExp and adding the new version ,or by laying down the file
with an add-on. If you don't, I think the workstation specific information
is lost on the hard disk and the computer will become un-registered.

If you haven't updated the ziswin.exe, perhaps it is causing the problem?


"Dave Lee" <abuse@aol.com> wrote in message
> Previously on ZFD 6.5 SP1a
> Since upgrading to Zen 7 an image that worked perfectly on our all our
> machines (IBM think centres, HP NC 6000 laptops) now cause us issues.
> The image appears to go down correctly but during the sysprep we get
> errors about writing to registry and other things. Taking the same machine
> to a site that is still on 6.5 sp1 works fine? Has something changed in
> the way the image is written to the disk?