We need to have specific workstation names in order to obtain a DHCP
address on our network. With ZEN 6.5 imaging, I had to modify the pump
command in order to do this. The steps were as follows:

(logged in as root to my SuSE workstation)
1: mkdir /mnt/zen
2: mkdir /bootcd
3: mount -o loop bootcd.iso /mnt/zen
4: cp -R /mnt/zen/* /bootcd
5: umount /mnt/zen
6: cd /bootcd
7: gzip -d initrd.gz
8: mount -o loop initrd /mnt/zen
9: cd /mnt/zen/bin
10: edit network.s file to include specific host ID in pump command
11: cd /bootcd
12: umount /mnt/zen
13: gzip -v9 initrd
14: mkofs -o ~/zendhcp.iso -b isolinux.bin -c boot.cat -no-emul-boot
-boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table *

This procedure won't work for the ZEN 7 imaging cd.

To begin with, initrd is now located in a different place and doesn't have
the .gz extension. If I extract it in its current location as in step 7
above, I cannot mount it as in step 8. I get an error stating that I must
specify the file system type.

HELP! I need to be able to specify the host name sent with the DHCP request
for ZEN imaging to work in our environment.