Why can't Novell set up an online service for people to upload their source
code for drivers ( which you would normally get from a vendor ) and then
download a compiled driver for Zenworks ? I am not a Linux expert but I
think it can be automated as building a driver for Zenworks imaging looks
like a pretty standard process to me .. should not cost too much to
implement either. If only I was an expert I would have tried building a box
with 2.4.18 kernel and the right script myself. I do not think there is a
legal reason not to do this, too.

That would take care of ALL requests about new drivers, I imagine. Make the
service available to Novell Zenworks customers only if you wish .. but the
way it is done now is just plain wrong - providing software without any
hardware support and blaming it on Linux - so we should go and provide
support for hardware ourselves. I do not have to know how to build a Linux
box ( which I will need to set up so I need some hardware for that first )
rebuilding the kernel with zfdimgkrnlpatch-2.4.18-4.0-p1.tgz so I just
could make a driver for my NIC for Zenworks just to get Zenworks working.

What do you think, technically can this be done ?