In the early fall we upgraded the Zenworks backend to Zen 7, but continued
to use Zen 6.5 imaging ISO until late October. We switched to the Zen 7 iso
without problem, but . . .

Over the past month we have started to see an increase in segementation
faults during the image, but wrote it off to a fluke. Then this month we
started updating all images and the problems mounted.

We use a scripted image:

img pd1
img pc1 NTFS
img imagefilepath a1:p1

The image with go on, system would boot then sysprep would start. The
system would fail because sysprep could not modify the registry, you
reboot, then the disk checks would start. System hosed. We would try to
re-image but no partitions could be found. Eventually, we use partition
magic to re-build the partitions after performing a low-level format.

On a lark we switched back to the 6.5 iso and viola. All these problems
were gone.

Has anyone else had similar problems?