I have got Zen401IR6 running on Netware 6.5SP3 in production tree and have a
test tree set up with Zen7. I have never used PXE in my old tree but only
imaging, AWSI and DNS/DHCP.

Now, with Zen7 I have a 2003 server set up for PXE and what I want is for a
workstation - that is already registered in production Zen401 tree to PXE
boot from that Zen7 server but use my Zen401 server ( and policies ) for
imaging still. I could not find anything in docs re how to get PXE working
on two servers ( apart from having DHCP and Proxy DHCP separated ), let
alone having 401 and 7 working together ( from PXE docs they look very
similar to me ).

When I have everything set to work off Zen7 server PXE seems to work Ok ( I
just can not do anything as my workstation exists in the other tree ). Now,
when I change Transaction Server IP in Proxy DHCP settings to point to my
401 imaging server I get "Requested server not registered with port map
service" message. TFTP settings are all zeros, MTFP server IP is set to, port 360, client port 10000. If I set TFTP server IP to be the
same as Transaction ( 401 server ) I eventually get TFTP timeout. I am not
sure what all those settings should be in my case, or would it even work at
all .. any ideas ?