I am trying to get zenworks 7 imaging up and running in a clustered
environment. I am running an OES SP1 two server cluster.

I have installed zenworks to the cluster and it all seems to work ok,
however when a workstation tries to boot to the pxe I get the e53 error,
no bootfile name.

I have tried to run both dhcp, pdhcp on the same cluster resource i.e and set option 60 on the dhcp server.

I have modified the pdhcp.ini to not use the dhcp port and have entered
the ip address for the transaction server, the tftp server and the pdhcp
server to be as well.

The dts.ini and tftp.ini have both been mofifed as per the documentation
and refer to

If I change back to their old server which is running Zenworks4 the
imaging works fine so I don't think that it is workstation related.

Any advice would be appreciated.