We upgraded from zen 4.01 to zen 7 on a test network which is a replica of
our production network. Imaging worked prior to the upgrade. The schema
was extended, the new consoleone worked fine, the zen imaging server 7.0
seemed to install fine. The new linux partition downloaded the first time
a workstation contacted the zen server. We updated the image selection
rules both in the server package and in the workstation containers imaging
policy. The workstation was marked to be reimaged and it said "No work to
do." Manually picking an image had the same effect, so I don't see it
being the image selection rules. We tried creating a new standard image
object and manually assigning that one, which had the same result. Wiping
the image safe data also resulted in "No work to do."

Any suggestions? Re-installing the imaging server is next on the list.