$Secure - Segmentation Fault

We're in the process of creating a single image for all of our desktop
hardware (Dell GX50, GX60, GX150, GX260, GX270, 160L, and HP D530, DC7100).
We have created the image on the GX50 so itís a fresh install of windows
with SP2 and the latest windows updates, ran sysprep which then detects the
relevant drivers etc. We have imaged this up to the server then multicast
it to all the machines. This works fine image goes down all hardware is
detected fine.

However after we setup the following software;

Novell Client 4.91 SP1
ZFD 7.0
GroupWise 6.5 SP4
McAfee V7
Office 2003 SP2
iPrint v4.05

and go to image down to the same machines the imaging crashes on the
$Secure file giving "Segmentation Fault". This occurs in both multicast and
single imaging. I cant even put the image back down onto the PC the image
came from.

Our Server is Netware 6.5 SP3 running Zen 7.

To throw a further spanner into the works the same software put onto four
different models of laptops images fine! All are in the same vlan all
running 100mb.

Any help is appreciated; Iím currently tearing my hair out!


Wesley College
South Perth, Western Australia

Also first time posting so I hope this works !